Hi, I'm Pat.

Pleased to meet you. Here's some of my work.

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↑  À la carte Menu for Ananas Bar and Brasserie in The Rocks, Sydney. Client work.


↑  Brand identity, style guide and album artwork for the band Sonoio. 
Uni assignment.


 Alphabet of Rope knots. Brief was to create an illustrated alphabet, I challenged myself to literally depict the objects I was illustrating within the typography, as part of the letter. I invented a few fake knots along the way. 


↑ Branding for a fitness camp in Queensland. Textures for were made with sliced up fruit and watercolours on a photocopier.


 ↑   Branding for my friends band. Have guess what genre. 


↑ Magazine layout, Uni assignment. 


← This project started as a way to annoy owners of vehicles plastered with “Fuck off we're full” stickers and the like, but in 2009 it quickly turned into a physical representation of the internets ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons. There was a tumblr page to post photos and there were plans to sell thumbs up and thumbs down stickers online. Unique serial numbers/url on “like” and “dislike” stickers could lead the recipient to the website to view a rationale of why the person posting felt the way they did and possibly justify or react within the comments. I dubbed the project “Critique Everything”.



↑ A reimagining of the introductory credit sequence to a James Bond film. I wanted to push myself when it came to designing movements that worked well with the music i'd chosen. Uni assignment. 



  • I'm working on a music video for the band Pinch Hitter.

  • I'm working on a 10 minute motion graphics presentation to be screened via projector onto a table for a restaurant company. 

  • I'm working on my own animation series, writing scripts and drafting characters.

  • ...and occasionally my personal music projects