Here's a manifesto/report I wrote in 3rd year.

I want to do something that matters. 

I think that if any creative task I undertake isn’t fun, a great learning experience, impactful/ memorable to an audience in someway or well paid in service of something greater then it probably isn't worth doing. If the purpose of the work isn’t to pay for living expenses to allow me to do other, more inspiring work, then I want my design to have an impact on people. I want this impact to surpass just "oh that looks nice" or ‘‘wow, great colours and type”.

I want my design work to leave some sort of emotional or memorable effect, where the situation or client allows it to. That's why as I'm writing this I’m trying to think of an interesting way to present this report whilst still answering the brief. Hopefully I'll figure something out by the time I've reached 500 words (spoiler, I didn't). Graphic design can be a tedious job sometimes, I feel that finding creativity and fun in the most mundane task, or twisting a brief into something  enjoyable is vital, and as i've been working in the industry I have slowly gotten better at this. 

" I want to be more than just an intermediary between a middle manager and a Mac."

I want to be good at creatively engaging with briefs, thinking outside the box in order to create work that is more engaging.  I want to be more than just an intermediary between a middle manager and a Mac. I personally can't see myself in a traditional art direction/ advisory position. I started down this path because I love ideas and creating things myself or with a team, and I have no intention of making my living watching other people do that. ( Teaching may be an exception, I was fortunate enough to work as a casual design teacher at UTS, I really enjoyed it ).

I highly value authenticity and directness. I dislike messages and voices that feel like they are entirely the product of market analysis and projections, buzz words and imitation. I have to work with the latter constantly at work, and it's fine, but my best work has been with copy or direction from people that actually have a passion for the product.