Hi. I'm Pat.

Here's a proposition for the people at for the people.

I'm a multi disciplinary designer. I'd like to work for you.

I do:
graphic design
web design
web development
motion graphics
sound design
lateral thinking

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I'm good with Graphic Design, Lateral Thinking, Web Design & Motion Graphics

Plus I'm also an amateur Copywriter, good with voice and character, a Composer, Producer & Illustrator


Here's some of my work:

↑  Alphabet of Rope knots. Brief was to create an illustrated alphabet, I challenged myself to literally depict the objects I was illustrating within the typography, as part of the letter. I invented a few fake knots along the way. 

↑  End of Year EDM/ thank you letter for the charity -I-Manifest-. I decided to illustrate each of the items with an icon that doubled as a letter. These letters spell out 'thank you!' vertically, giving emphasis to the theme of gratefulness present in the brief. 


↑ Magazine layout, Uni assignment. I challenged myself to use an odd grid I made by accident when 4 other grids were overlayed at different angles. 

↑  À la carte Menu for Ananas Bar and Brasserie in The Rocks, Sydney. Client work.

↑ Magazine ad for nutrition company Mass Nutrition. Couple of hours notice on a Sunday. client work.



← I like to compose music on my long train trips between home and Central. I’ve learned that good Midi keyboards are large, and small Midi keyboards aren't good. This is a project I've daydreaming about starting for a couple of years in an attempt to solve that.

It's a keyboard that splits into modular octaves with different interfaces like knobs and drum pads that can be added in at either end or even in the middle of the keyboard. It can be stacked vertically in a backpack. Pitched it to two industrial design tutors at a previous Uni but it hasn't got anywhere. Yet.


↑  Illustration for a music video I'm currently working on.

  Photography and concept for a piece on the ethics of mascots. Uni assignment. 



← This project started as a way to annoy owners of vehicles  plastered  with “Fuck off we're full” stickers and the like, but in 2009 it quickly turned into a physical representation of the internets ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons. Take a like sticker, stick it on something you like, and vice versa. There was a tumblr page to post photos and there were plans to sell thumbs up and thumbs down stickers online. Unique serial numbers/url on “like” and “dislike” stickers could lead the recipient to the website to view a rationale of why the person posting felt the way they did and possibly justify or react within the comments. I dubbed the project “Critique Everything”.


↑ Monster Children magazine layout, 2nd year Uni assignment. Article against the sterile and bleak environment of hospitals, and how that affects mood and healing. Original concept, content and photography.



I’m a firm believer that anything print can do, digital can do better, except when its edible, novel and printed on awesome stock. If you liked what you saw above, why not invite me and this ridiculous folio in? When I made it, my goal was to hopefully appeal to the right kind of employers, people and companies that value interesting ideas and lateral approaches to problems and briefs. Judging by your awesome interview questions and what i've heard from some tutors at UTS,  For the People is a great example of this.  (It's a bit of a wip at the moment, and I may have eaten some of the folio pieces) 


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