Hey Nikki, 

It’s Pat from Design Professionalism. ‘Useful folio’ guy.  

I’ll start with an obligatory but sincere ‘thanks for everything this semester’. I learnt alot from your classes, lecture and anecdotes, and especially your advice on quoting.

So i've finished my degree now. I walked into student centre expecting to plan my next 2 semesters, I left informed that not only did I have enough credits points to graduate, but I am 12cp over. I feel like my first move now should be to apply pro bono as a ui designer for student admin to save other students the same fate. Still in shock.

The extra time/money spent at UTS wouldn’t have bothered me in the slightest were it not for my inability to work full time being reason my boss hired another junior designer. So I thought I would shoot you an email* to see if you have any advice or suggestions. We discussed suitable studios very briefly during my ‘5 minute’ presentation, is that a conversation we could continue*?

As I am the kind of person that itemises emails as ‘consolation’ on my invoices, I don't expect free help. Even if its just 20 minutes replying and googling a half remembered studios name, let me know if I can repay your time in deepetching/ labor/ coffee vouchers. 




*Sorry about the unusual format of this message. Can't see the senders address with my student acount, couldn't find your real email address. patmifsud@me.com